The Golden Horde/ABOUT

The Golden Horde

Developer: World Forge

Publisher in Russia: Russobit - M

Genre: Strategy

Russian status: in official sale from the 1st of February, 2008.


    The XIII century. Torn into pieces by feudal wars Russia is fixed between the hammer of German knights’ orders and the anvil of the Golden Horde. A young grand duke Alexander Yaroslavich, Alexander Nevsky in the future, has to fight on two fronts, using brilliant gift of a military leader as well as diplomatic gift. Not everything is easy in the camp of powerful enemies: the grandkid of great Temuchin, Baty-khan, hardly keeps a mighty Empire, created by the ancestor, from decay. The Master of Teutons Hermann Balk is anxious about the problems of expansion to the East that turns to be not such an easy walk across the lands of Baltic tribes and the republic of Novgorod.

    “The Golden Horde” is based on the events that took place more than 7 centuries ago. Three nations will meet in a severe battle, under your control they have to master military skills in various battles, correctly divide poor resources and guard borders of their states. Only the most worthy person will raise his victorious flag, standard or a bunchuck on the field of the last battle…


  • The game is based on real historical events taking place in Europe in the beginning of the XIII century.

  • Equip warriors as you will, including trophies collected on a battle field.

  • Use different tactics and strategy, depending on the quality and the skills of available heroes.

  • Three completely different nations (Crusaders, Mongols and Russians), remarkable for their unique features of development, construction and buildings characteristics, units training. Crusaders have heavily armored knights’ cavalry; they are hardly flexible, undisciplined and strong in hand-to-hand battle. Mongolian constructions are mobile, troops are flexible. Sons of steppes prefer to hit enemies on distance and do not fight in close contact. Russians have greatly fortified constructions but they have no possibility to construct buildings far away from the center of a settlement. Troops have medium speed of movement and are very good in close as well as in remote battle.

  • RPG-elements: warriors accumulate experience, use special skills (for example, jump from the height or hide), the higher the level, the better they use weapons, the best warriors pass to the next missions.

  • Possibility to use peculiarities of a territory for military crafts: make ambushes in forests, lure away heavily armored enemy towards fragile ice.