The Fate of Hellas/ABOUT

The Fate of Hellas

Developer: World Forge
Publisher in Russia: Russobit – M
Genre: RTS
The date of the release: the20th of December, 2007 .


    Ancient Greece…nearly everybody tried to conquer that small, multinational and majestic country. During the period from 385 to 323 before Christ successful military campaigns against Greece were held by their close relatives – severe Spartans and also their neighbors – Macedonians. Thanks to conquering campaigns, two famous military leaders put down their names into history forever.

    The first was limping on one leg; he was low and plain. Despotic but highly moral and severe in his justice, at the same time, Agesilaus II, whose name is nearly unknown nowadays, has been one of the most brilliant rulers of his epoch. Glorifying his home – Sparta, he brought famous Greece under his own control, suppressing periodically appearing rebellions. Only death could stop him, after that Hellas tried to throw away the fetters of Spartan conquerors.

    The second one was young, handsome and courageous. He used to sit firmly in a saddle since his childhood and managed to handle masterly with weapons, he submitted people to his will without efforts – that was his talent, miraculous talent of a leader and a commander. This is only a small part of all that can be said about Alexander the Macedonian, who will pay unfriendly visit to a neighboring Greece in 30 years after Agesilaus II, the Greece, that has stuck in internecine wars, and he’ll submitted it to his will.

    History is the events of the past. But those who do not learn from its mistakes absolutely repeat them.

  • expectant for a long time addition to the game “Ancient wars: Sparta.”;
  • new race – Macedonians, a charismatic king Alexander is their leader;
  • 2 campaigns, each with 7 missions – for Spartans and Macedonians;
  • new units, weapons and buildings;
  • demonstrative manual in history, revealing in details all the events that took place in real life.