Ansient Wars: Sparta/ABOUT

My wealth is my spear, my sword,

my fine helmet and the strength of my body.

With their help I till the land,

reap the bread and make wine in my vineyard;

thanks to them, I am a master of my slaves.


Ancient Wars – Sparta

This is an epic story about the rise and fall of one of the most powerful ancient states. The player is going to climb the whole way up from the chief of the small village to a legendary Spartan hero.

Ancient Wars – Sparta” is a mixture of popular genre canons and daring game ideas based on modern technologies. Beside striking graphics the project offers a unique game experience – the unprecedented level of interaction with the environment based on the realistic physical model. Physical laws influence nearly all objects of the game world, including units and buildings.

Furthermore, the player himself will be able to equip his army in real-time, seize new weapons, ships and war animals of the enemy. During the game process a gameplay will be actively influenced by different environmental phenomena and weather conditions, like rain, snow, wind, day & night change, landscape irregularity and much more. You will also perceive the power of fire!

Main features:

  • 3 game races – Spartans, Persians and Egyptians.

  • More than 30 game missions in three campaigns for each race.

  • Outstanding diversity of units thanks to the Unit Designer technology which allows to create new army types and combine the existent ones during the game.

  • The player will be able to collect enemy weapons on the battle field and equip his army with it.

  • The ability to seize war animals, siege weapons, vehicles and enemy ships.

  • Support of modern graphic technologies (Parallax, Chrome, Bump mappings, Specular, Shadow map).

  • Use of physical model as an element of the gameplay (buildings consist of physical objects, units are thrown about according to the physics as well).