“The Golden Horde” ships to Taiwan

Play Ten Interactive seals a pact with Unalis Corporation to ship “The Golden Horde” to Taiwan where the game will be completely localized to Chinese and fully adapted to the needs of the Asian market.

The game’s story deals with the times when the sons of Genghis-Khan, the Scourge of the Universe, divided their heirloom and set forth to conquer the known world “to the last Sea” to honor the legacy of their father. Thus the stage was prepared for the epic events that helped to shape the history for the generations to come.

In China, this led to the establishment of the Yuan dynasty; in Russia, to the rise of Moscow; and in Europe it created the image of the Eastern threat as a great horde of unbridled Asian horsemen.

Now the gamers on Taiwan will have a chance to relive the stories of legendary heroes and generals who fought in the armies of German Crusaders, Russian Princes, and of course the dreaded Mongol Khans. Taking one of them under control, it will be the player’s task to bring salvation or ruin to the continent that lays ripe for conquest.

“The WorldForge’s latest product attracted a lot of interest from the consumers all over the world”, commented Dmitri Kruglov, CEO of Play Ten Interactive. “With such partners as
JoWood and Unalis, we can be sure of the continued success of the title”.

“The Golden Horde” is being prepared for a release in Taiwan in 2008 by Unalis Corporation, the local publisher #1 and the long-time partner of Activision, Ubisoft, THQ and other high-profile companies.