January, 2007


The official web-site

The official web-site of Ancient Wars: Sparta is open. Along with the information about the game features, the site contains new screenshots, trailers and wallpapers.

Eternal :-)

Thus, the game show on MTV has passed but it is kept in our memory. It is clear that we’ve made a record of it, just so, in case :-)
Though the show is in Russian, it contains lots of gameplay video and can be interesting for all who wants to know more of the game.
Download here (~245 Mb), or here (~95 Mb).

The Spartans on air

The coming Game show on MTV Russia will be devoted to the “Ancient Wars: Sparta” game. The developers will tell about the game and its development in detail. In their best tradition, the folks from MTV will show much of a game video and a “secret” video clip. Everyone, who hasn’t seen the “Ancient Wars: Sparta” game but wants to – that’s your show!
Premiere: January 19, Friday, 18:30.
Repeat: January 21, Sunday 12:30 and January 23, Tuesday 19:30.

An individual opinion

A gaming website , famous for its pretentiousness, has laid out the review of Ancient Wars: Sparta. As usual, spectacular journalists have clarified the game in the original literary manner with their inimitable humor.


I know it’s wrong to admit my hang-up with European PC games but I just can’t help it – in the back of mind I still associate Europe with niche titles. European games are great, if I want to play the role of a medieval tanning guild accountant or a soccer hooligan. While I have occasionally made exceptions for such Euro games as the Total War series or Far Cry, I often look to North American studios to get my computer gaming fix.

Read the detailed and interesting preview here.